At UN-LIKE we believe that lighting and illumination provide an opportunity to create emotions and transform spaces. With a little bit of creativity and a tad bit of technical knowledge, the use of light and illumination can be reformed into captivating pieces of art.


With that in mind, we create custom-made illuminated furniture and lighting designs that are intriguing and unique. In collaboration with talented architects, designers, and artists, we seek to bring distinctive visions to life.


In our work, we strive for a fearless exploration of materials, forms, and the use of innovative approaches. We hope to bring an experience that goes beyond just illumination. That’s why we offer flexible and personalised solutions tailored to your preferences. Whether you desire a statement piece or a refined addition, our creations effortlessly blend artistry with functionality. Each piece aims to be a unique work of art, designed to stand out: UN-LIKE anything else.





UN-LIKE is the brainchild of an Estonian industrial designer Margus Triibmann’s daughter, Triinu, and her partner, Diederik. Margus Triibmann was a visionary who left an indelible mark on the world of Estonian design.



In 2009, Margus founded an industrial design company Keha3 with the mission of not only improving the world but also infusing it with greater fascination through innovative design elements. However, Margus was not just a designer; he was a mentor, an enigma of inspiration, and a guiding beacon for those fortunate enough to share his journey. It is on his shoulders that the foundation of UN-LIKE stands. He surrounds us, influencing every aspect of our work, whether consciously or subconsciously. We aspire to carry on his legacy, adding our unique vision and approach, weaving into the remarkable fabric of his work and imagination.



UN-LIKE has been brought to life to pay homage to Margus Triibmann’s legacy by translating life’s experiences, both triumphant and challenging, into practical, meaningful, and purposeful designs. Margus’s memory lives on in our work, inspiring us to dream bigger and create more exceptional designs as we forge our path in the realm of design.



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Triinu Triibmann



Lighting design holds a deeply personal significance in my life, a journey that began with my father. He was the visionary behind Keha3 OÜ, an industrial product and lighting design company that he passionately led. My own involvement with this craft started around when I was 15, when I began working alongside him. He always asked for feedback on whatever he created and I did my best to provide it to him. I thought he had a brilliant mind. He seemed to come up with all his ideas so effortlessly. Even after his passing in 2018, I continued to run his company, immersing myself in his world of creativity, both at work and in our home.


What fascinates me is the paradox of the mundane; its complexity and simplicity, the under-and overwhelm of the ordinary that can present itself simultaneously. I strongly carry the design philosophy and beliefs that my father had: be different or die! As he did, I strive to find inspiration from the surroundings, from the everyday. Then elevate those findings and translate them into products that evoke curiosity and make people react.


It’s quite common for interior luminaires to not only provide illumination but also serve as standalone art pieces. However, when it comes to outdoors and public spaces, there aren’t many light fixtures that are design-focused and playful while also meeting the necessary technological requirements and regulations. At UN-LIKE we try to bring this adventurous approach that is applied in interior luminaires also to outdoor illumination.


One of my favorite quotes is „Eventually, everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se“ – Charles Eames.

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Diederik Kales



As far back as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the meticulous arrangement of elements, ensuring they’re just right and in perfect order. What truly captivates me is the interplay between symmetry and apparent randomness. It’s about finding that ideal balance, that precise ratio of spacing and alignment in any design or object.


A remarkable design, in my eyes, possesses an innate quality – it simply looks and feels right. There’s an undeniable power in its unassuming simplicity, that instant of recognition when you think, “Ah, that looks good!” Such designs possess a timeless quality, seemingly untouched by the passage of years.


Our vision is to expand people’s perception of what a luminaire can be. What fuels us, is the thrilling unpredictability of our creative process. Inspiration can strike from anywhere or anything, and that makes our work an ever-evolving journey.


If I were to choose a favourite design quote, it would undoubtedly be “Très simple et très compliqué,” which translates to “Very simple is very complicated.”

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